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Your cosmetic surgery clinic


Your cosmetic surgery clinic


Your cosmetic surgery clinic

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At Clinimedspa Quartier DIX30, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries and treatments to help you regain a silhouette that reflects health and well-being. In addition, our private clinic is a benchmark in the field of cosmetic surgery as well as medico-aesthetic care. Furthermore, it should be noted that Dr. Réjean Arbour, the founding owner of Clinimedspa, is also one of the top-rated surgeons in Quebec according to the medical review site RateMDs.

– The Clinimedspa experience

When you come to Clinimedspa Quartier DIX30, from your first consultation, we will be attentive to your needs and concerned for your comfort. Then, once your file has been opened, a member of our specialized team will accompany you to the examination or treatment room. They will remain at your disposal at all times to assist you and ensure your comfort. In addition, our rooms are designed to promote your well-being and allow for the best possible assessment of your needs. Among other things, while you wait for your cosmetic surgery, we provide you with a bathrobe and slippers for your comfort. Thanks to this, you can relax comfortably while watching a movie or reading one of the available magazines. Otherwise, you can simply relax and listen to the background music while waiting for your treatment.

– Clinimedspa Code of Ethics

Our daily values

  • Respect in every way (dignity—privacy—valuing others)
  • Kindness—seeking to do right by everyone
  • Professionalism
  • Consistency with the objectives of the organization
  • Accountability

Patient rights

  • A patient has the right to receive safe, quality care and services
  • They have the right to be informed and to participate in decision-making
  • The right to confidentiality
  • They also have the right to communicate their dissatisfaction and to file a complaint


– Our respective responsibilities

Stakeholders and providers of care and services

  • Participation in the services provided
  • Compliance with Clinic standards and policies
  • Wise use of services
  • Respect for the dignity of the person

The patient

  • Participation in the services and care provided: the patient collaborates in the treatment or the agreed intervention plan (for example, and without limitation: preoperative and postoperative instructions);
  • Compliance with Clinic standards and policies: Le patient respecte les règles établies pour le bon fonctionnement des services, pour sa sécurité et pour celle des autres;
  • A courteous and respectful attitude: the patient maintains courteous and respectful relations with everyone.

– Our facilities

Clinimedspa is a private clinic located on the South Shore of Montreal at Quartier DIX30 in Brossard. Our facilities also have a complete surgical suite with two operating rooms that meet all hospital standards. With the help of a qualified and professional team, we can safely perform a variety of cosmetic surgeries on an outpatient basis. It should be noted that our equipment is also kept in perfect working condition and meets Health Ministry standards. It is for all these reasons that we have earned our Specialized Medical Centre and Accreditation Canada certificates. Come live the CLINIMEDSPA experience with confidence.


– Our mission

« Above all, at Clinimedspa DIX30, our main concerns are your well-being and the quality of the care provided. If you want to make a decision about surgery, don’t hesitate to meet with us to get answers to your questions. We will be able to advise you properly and give you objective information so that you can make an informed decision on the treatments that interest you without rushing. »

Dr. Réjean Arbour, M.D., FRCSC

General surgeon

Cosmetic surgery


Clinimedspa, it is more than 20 years at the service of beauty in health

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