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Do you dream of improving
your silhouette?
For your breast surgery,
come live the Clinimedspa experience!

Do you dream of improving your silhouette?

For your breast surgery, come live the Clinimedspa experience!

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Breast reduction aims to rectify enlarged breasts that cause various daily discomforts to women. Some may also suffer from upper back, neck, and shoulder pain due to large breasts. In fact, for many women, having large breasts is not necessarily a guarantee of well-being in their lives, because in addition to suffering physically, they can sometimes develop feelings of significant shyness due to social pressures.


If having large breasts is a daily problem for you, breast reduction might be a possible solution. This approach makes it possible to reduce the volume of the breasts in order to relieve the symptoms and find a harmonious silhouette. The breast reduction procedure will allow you to be more comfortable in your activities and have more freedom in your clothing choices.

Breast lift and Breast reduction surgery

It is important to note that Dr. Arbour only performs cosmetic breast reduction surgeries that are not covered by the RAMQ. If you have symptoms of back, neck, or shoulder pain that seem related to the size of your breasts, we recommend that you first consult a plastic surgeon at a hospital near you. In this case, it is very likely that your surgery will be covered by the RAMQ.


—What approach will be used during my breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Arbour uses several personalized techniques according to the needs of his patients. He will work with you to determine the details of the procedure and whether breast prostheses are necessary according to the corrective measures to be taken.


The technique favoured by Dr. Arbour is that of the superomedial pedicle. In addition, this technique provides good vascularization of the nipple and helps to better preserve the shape of the breast. It also helps prevent the gradual sagging of the breast over the years following the surgery. Depending on the volume to be reduced, however, Dr. Arbour will suggest using a technique suited to your needs.


—Will a breast reduction be the best solution to rectify my breast ptosis?

A simultaneous breast lift may be performed if your breast has severe ptosis. If you opt for a breast reduction with the addition of implants to enhance the contour of your breast, we can perform a before/after 3D simulation to better guide you in your choice. In addition, this technology allows us to present you with a preview of the postoperative results on a large screen in real time. Thanks to the Crisalix simulation, you will be able to have a better insight into the appearance of your new figure with augmented reality.


—What are the types of incisions used for breast reduction?

Dr. Arbour favours a breast reduction procedure with a “J” incision to minimize scarring as much as possible. However, depending on the case, it is sometimes possible to use inverted “T”-shaped incisions.


—How long will my recovery take after the operation?

For a breast reduction, recovery will take 1 to 4 weeks for an office-type job. We will also give you a document that contains a list of postoperative recommendations to promote optimal recovery.


—Can I still breastfeed after my breast reduction?

It will be possible and safe for you to get pregnant and breastfeed after your breast reduction. Note that, in some cases, a woman is not able to breastfeed after her surgery. This approach can also cause a loss of sensitivity in the nipples. We recommend that you take these points into consideration and possibly wait until your family is complete before proceeding with a breast reduction.

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Breast reduction with lift

Come live the Clinimedspa experience 

Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality

See your new reflection before the surgery.

During your breast reduction consultation, you will be able to experience a 3D simulation with a Crisalix 4D augmented reality viewing. According to the approach proposed by Dr. Arbour, you will have an overview of the postoperative result with or without breast implants.

Clinimedspa - Crisalix 3D simulation cosmetic surgery scanning via an iPad - breast lift and augmentation
1. scanning

digitization of your breast

Clinimedspa - Crisalix - review 3D breast surgery simulation remotely
2. simulation

creation of your 3D simulation

Clinimedspa - Crisalix 3D simulation with 4D augmented reality viewing
3. experience

experience 4D augmented reality

Clinimedspa - Crisalix share its 3D mobile mode simulation (lift and breast augmentation)
4. share

review and share your 3D simulation

To learn more about our Crisalix imaging service, please visit our 3D simulation page..


breast reduction and lift surgery

Before/After photos

You can access breast reduction photos to see the results of surgeries with or without breast implants on our photo gallery page by clicking the button below.


Clinimedspa - réduction mammaire photo aprèsClinimedspa - réduction mammaire photo après

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