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For an appearance that reflects

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For an appearance that reflects

health and well-being,

trust Clinimedspa!

For an appearance that reflects

health and well-being,

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IPL Photofacial


– What is IPL treatment?

This type of photofacial treatment uses the intense pulsed light (IPL) technique, which restores skin tone, evens out the complexion, and reduces or removes sunspots and small, superficial blood vessels. IPL is not a laser, but rather intense pulsed light that is absorbed by the dermis without damaging the epidermis. The heat created is absorbed by the dermis to activate the cells that generate new natural collagen and thereby improve the skin tone.

Photorajeunissement - traitement LIP (Lumière intense pulsée)

– Is photofacial treatment painful?

IPL photofacial treatment is very safe for your entire face; however, the upper and lower eyelids should be avoided. This technique requires no recovery time and is well-tolerated. During the photofacial session, the technician places the handpiece against the skin and activates the machine to send energy in the form of very strong light into the skin in successive pulses. You may feel a slight pinching or temporary burning with each pulse.


– How many IPL treatments should I schedule?

You can observe changes in your skin from the first photofacial session. To optimize the results, it is advisable to follow a course of four treatments, with intervals of two to four weeks between each one.

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