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for a silhouette that reflects

health and well-being,

trust Clinimedspa!

for a silhouette that reflects
health and well-being,

trust Clinimedspa!

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become a frequent phenomenon in our society, and according to studies conducted around the world, this observed fact affects all women between the ages of 18 and 65. The most popular of all cosmetic surgery procedures is breast augmentation. More than half of the women who have had or are planning to have cosmetic surgery have a common goal. Their desire is to eliminate the physical complexes and feelings of embarrassment that they have developed.

This feeling of awkwardness that they experience with regard to their silhouette can have different origins. It can sometimes result from the premature aging of the skin, effects on skin elasticity following a significant weight loss, or successive pregnancies. It can also result from genetic diseases, which affect the development and aging of each person’s body differently. Finally, the arrival of social media and the influence of beauty standards are helping to amplify the development of physical complexes. As you can see, therefore, there are several reasons that may influence a man or woman to consider cosmetic surgery.

Blépharoplastie, chirurgie des paupières

– What types of surgeries are performed at Clinimedspa?

Cosmetic surgery encompasses several groups of surgical procedures, such as face, neck, breast, and body surgeries. Our main procedures include breast augmentation, breast lift, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, gynecomastia (men), and liposuction. We also offer dual-polarity radiofrequency skin firming (FACEtite/BODYtite), which can be combined with other procedures.


– The technological evolution of medical imaging in the practice of cosmetic surgery

The techniques used in cosmetic surgery have greatly evolved over the years thanks to numerous technological developments. For many of our procedures, we now use Crisalix medical imaging to perform 3D simulations of the surgical approach. The patient can then view this simulation on a large screen, which acts as a virtual mirror. This technology is called 4D augmented reality viewing and was developed by the Swiss firm Crisalix. It can be used to simulate a breast augmentation, liposuction, or abdominoplasty, or for certain facial procedures. However, viewing the 3D simulation is only possible with virtual reality glasses or an HD screen.


– Are the surgeries performed on site or in a hospital?

Our facilities at Quartier Dix30 in Brossard have a full operating theatre within the clinic. Our surgical suite includes two operating rooms, a preoperative room, and a recovery room. Our goal is to offer our patients all services and a safe, personalized experience under one roof.

– Clinimedspa’s cosmetic surgery expertise

We perform an average of over 300 cosmetic surgeries per year, totalling over 4,500 surgeries over the past 15 years. Among these procedures, the most commonly requested is breast augmentation, which accounts for more than 50% of our cosmetic surgeries annually. In addition to these surgeries, we perform a wide range of minor surgeries and medico-aesthetic treatments.

The expertise developed by Dr. Arbour over his many years of practice has allowed him to position himself among the top-rated surgeons in Quebec according to the medical reference site RateMDs. This reference site for specialist physicians and surgeons has more than 2.6 million reviews of physicians and health centres around the world.

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