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for your breast surgery,

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For your breast surgery,

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is the most common category of cosmetic surgery. The breast is the expression of femininity and represents the symbol of beauty in women. In addition, there are around 60% of women who either dislike their breasts or would change their appearance.

Firstly, the reasons for having breast surgery can be varied, they may find the volume of their breasts maybe too big, too small and may be sagging. Additionally, women may not like the shape or size of their nipples, and most women have breasts asymmetry.

So, breasts surgery is a solution that helps a lot of women to regain their self-confidence and get back what nature forgot to give them or took away from them. It is also an intervention for women of all ages.

When we talk about cosmetic breast surgery, we are describing 3 very specific types of surgery.

Blépharoplastie, chirurgie des paupières

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Luce Vadeboncoeur, 44 years

Breast augmentation

Luce Vadeboncoeur, 44 ans
Augmentation mammaire

First, the most common procedure in this group of surgeries is, of course, breast augmentation. It aims to correct volume, sagging breasts that can be caused as a result of breastfeeding and to correct breast asymmetry.

Another breast surgery that may or may not include the addition of breast implants is a breast lift. This procedure is offered to correct sagging breasts, significant ptosis with or without breast asymmetry. The signs often appear after pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Finally, breast surgery also includes breast reduction. This intervention aims to correct an enlarged breast. The high volume of breasts can cause several inconveniences to women who has to live with this problem. Large breasts can cause back and shoulder pain in addition to many other inconveniences.

– See your new silhouette before the procedure

Breast augmentation consultation with 3D simulation

This video presents a summary of the advantages of 3D simulation in the context of a consultation for breast augmentation surgery.

Whether it is for a breast augmentation or breast lift with or without implants, you now have the possibility to see a preview of the result, before your surgery in virtual reality or by means of the new 4D augmented reality technology from Cisalix.

To learn more, see our page on the benefits of Crisalix 3D simulation.

– Insertion method of silicone gel breast implants

Keller Funnel 2 logo

Video presentation – Insertion of silicone gel implants

This video presentation explains how to insert cohesive silicone gel implants during breast augmentation or breast lift surgery with implants.

To learn more, see our page on breast augmentation.

During the consultation, we explore your goals and motivations in detail. It is essential that you have realistic expectations before making your decision. Dr. Arbour will then perform a breast exam and take several important steps. Subsequently, Then, you will be presented with a 3D simulation of the surgical result which will be adapted to your physiognomy. You can also view this simulation of breast augmentation results via augmented reality or using virtual reality goggles according to your needs. The surgical approach will be explained to you as well as the possible risks.


If necessary, we offer you to evaluate the desired volume of breast implants using trial implants that are inserted into a larger bra. Finally, you are informed of the price for the surgery and you have the possibility to choose your date of operation during the first consultation.

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