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For a silhouette that reflects

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For a silhouette that reflects

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For a silhouette that reflects

health and well-being,

trust  Clinimedspa!

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Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments, also known as medico-aesthetic treatments, cover a large group of medical but nonsurgical procedures that use different techniques. The desire to reduce the visible signs of aging dates back to antiquity, and aesthetic treatment techniques have greatly evolved and diversified with the technological developments in the medical community. Cosmetic treatments work where skin care products such as anti-aging creams or serums and moisturizing lotions cannot.

However, aesthetic treatments are complementary to the use of products to counter the aging of the skin. Maintaining the results also requires good hydration and protecting the skin from the sun. Whether it is for prevention or following a cosmetic treatment, we recommend continuing to use a good moisturizer and skin protection product while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Blépharoplastie, chirurgie des paupières

– Can aesthetic treatments prevent me from having surgery?

You need to understand that cosmetic treatments, just like anti-aging products, have their limits in terms of results. For more significant results, you will need to consider opting for cosmetic surgery. You can also use FACEtite/BODYtite skin firming treatment. These treatments use dual-polarity radiofrequency technology. In addition, FACEtite/BODYtite treatments offer surgical-quality results without the long scars associated with traditional surgical procedures.


– What aesthetic treatments are offered at Clinimedspa?

Our aesthetic treatments include anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments using injections, laser, intense pulsed light or fractional radiofrequency (Fractora). We use these treatments to treat skin lesions in the epidermis and dermis.


– What anti-wrinkle injection treatments do you offer?

At Clinimedspa, we offer 2 types of anti-wrinkle treatments using injections: neuromodulators and fillers. These two approaches are complementary and used to treat different areas of the face.


– What is a neuromodulator or botulinum toxin?

When we refer to a neuromodulator or botulinum toxin, we are talking about the same category of products. There are a few brands of neuromodulators approved by Health Canada, but the best known is BOTOX Cosmetic™.


– On which areas of the face can BOTOX Cosmetic™ be used?

This neuromodulator is injected into the area to be treated in the forehead, eyes, and eyebrows. The action of the product temporarily relaxes the muscles that contract and generate expression lines in the face. Your body will naturally metabolize the product over a period of 6 months to 1 year. You should therefore consider repeating the treatments over the years in order to maintain the results.


– What is the difference between a volume-building injection and a filler?

There is no difference; these are just two different names for the same treatment. Dr. Arbour uses filler injection treatments to treat wrinkles and restore volume to parts of the face. There are also several types and brands of fillers used for filler injections recognized by Health Canada. At Clinimedspa, we use hyaluronic acid, which is very safe and naturally found in our bodies.


– On which areas of the face do you use hyaluronic acid?

We can use hyaluronic acid on the lips, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds. This filler is used to correct asymmetry, restore volume to areas affected by a loss of fatty tissue, or reduce wrinkles that are visible when the muscles of the face are at rest.


– How long will the results of my treatment remain visible?

Depending on the area of the face, the results of the treatment can last from four months to one year. You will also need to repeat the treatment at 4-to-6-month intervals to maintain the results.


– For which types of aesthetic treatments do you use a laser or IPL?

We use a laser and IPL as an anti-aging treatment to reduce the visible signs of aging in the skin. These treatments include rosacea, pigment spots, and photorejuvenation.

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