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Breast Lift

A breast lift with or without breast implants allows for an aesthetic rejuvenation of your breasts. This surgery involves lifting the breasts to make them firmer and sexier. It is also possible that your breasts have sagged (ptosis) and that your skin has lost tone. Ptosis can be secondary to multiple factors. For example, it can occur after multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, or significant weight changes.
Chirurgie de Redrapage mammaire - Lifting mammaire

– Is a breast lift necessary?

Even if you have signs of ptosis, breast lift surgery may not always be necessary. In some cases, it may be pseudo-ptosis—that is, your breasts are slightly drooping in appearance, but your nipples are still above the lower breast fold. In this situation, Dr. Arbour will simply suggest a breast augmentation, which can improve the shape of your breasts.


– Am I a good candidate for a breast lift or mastopexy?

To be a good candidate for mastopexy (breast lift), you must first have good physical health and emotional stability. You should also have reasonable expectations and fully understand the limits of cosmetic surgery.

If your breasts are sagging, Dr. Arbour will talk to you about having a breast lift to correct the ptosis. During your consultation with Dr. Arbour, he will perform an exam to determine the grade of ptosis in your breasts. He will then suggest a surgical approach tailored to your needs.


– How will you proceed to correct my breast ptosis?

Breast ptosis can be corrected by lifting the skin, restructuring the gland, and repositioning the nipple upwards. In addition, Dr. Arbour can use a breast lift to correct several aspects of your breast. Depending on the corrections to be made, the lift can be performed to correct the asymmetry of your breasts, and their overall volume can be reduced or increased with the help of implants. If you decide to increase your breast size or the curve at the upper portion of your breasts, you will need to consider adding breast implants.


– Is a breast lift alone sufficient to correct my ptosis?

A breast lift alone will give a sloping shape to the upper portion of your breasts and a rounded shape to the lower portion. This approach will give your chest a more natural appearance. However, it will be rather difficult for you to achieve shapely breasts with only a lift. Thanks to a 3D simulation, you will be able to see your breasts following a breast lift with or without the addition of implants.

– What can I expect after my breast lift surgery?

Please allow approximately 12 months after your surgery before you can fully assess the final result. Even after this time, the scars may still fade naturally. The results after a breast lift will remain stable and should not change too much unless there is significant weight fluctuation.

If you are considering having children, we recommend that you wait until after the pregnancy before having a breast lift. You can prevent permanent changes in the size and shape of your breasts.

You also need to accept the limitations of a breast lift. If you want to have a significant curve, you will need to opt for the addition of breast implants.

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– What are the points to discuss during a breast lift consultation?

During your consultation, Dr. Arbour will take the time to listen to you and give you good advice. He will discuss the important points of a mastopexy with you. First, he will assess the extent of your breast ptosis and the symmetry of your breasts. If the addition of implants is necessary, Dr. Arbour will determine with you the volume and type of prosthesis according to your needs. Then, he will introduce you to the type of approach and incision that he will use for your surgery. Finally, Dr. Arbour will talk to you about the recovery time and the precautions to take before and after your surgery.


– How do you determine the severity of the ptosis?

Dr. Arbour will base your breast exam on specific characteristics. Breast ptosis is characterized by 3 grades, which determine the degree of severity.

Breast Lift Grades of Ptosis
Grade-1 ptosis: In the first grade, the level of ptosis is mild. The breasts show a slight sagging of the tissues, and the nipples are located at the level of the breast fold.

Grade-2 ptosis: At this level, we are dealing with moderate ptosis. The breasts have more sagging, and the nipples are below the level of the lower breast fold.

rade-3 ptosis: At grade 3, the ptosis is severe. It is characterized by a breast that presents a pronounced relaxation of the tissues. In addition to having significant sagging, the breasts can also appear empty and shapeless. In addition, the nipples are found below the level of the lower breast fold and point downward. The breasts may also be too large and asymmetrical, causing discomfort and back pain.

– What are the techniques for breast lifts?

There are 3 techniques for performing a breast lift. The technique is chosen according to the degree of ptosis to be corrected. Each technique involves a different type of incision.

Types of incisions
Clinimedspa - diagramme redrapage mammaire types d'incisions
Periareolar incision
To adjust the height of the nipples, Dr. Arbour can make a periareolar or donut-shaped incision. This type of incision will create a scar all around the nipple. This is not a true lift, but a backup technique to adjust a slight asymmetry.

Periareolar and vertical incision
To correct moderate ptosis, which is also the most common case, it will be possible to make a periareolar and vertical incision, also known as the “lollipop” method. This approach involves making a vertical incision that begins in the inframammary fold and extends below the areola and all around the nipple. A slight “J” shape is sometimes necessary on the lower portion and the side.

Inverted “J” or “T” incision
To correct significant ptosis, Dr. Arbour will need to make a “J” or “T” incision. At this level of severity, the breast is sagging, and the nipple is pointing down. In some cases, an inverted “T” incision is necessary. In this case, the incision will be composed of the periareolar and vertical incision, adding an incision in the inframammary fold. Dr. Arbour uses this approach to correct asymmetry of the breasts or during breast reduction surgery. However, in general, we favour a “J” incision to cause as little scarring as possible.

– Will my scars be very visible?

No matter which surgical approach you choose, Dr. Arbour always tries to minimize the length and appearance of scars. It will often take a year or more for the scars to fully mature.


– How long does breast lift surgery take?

The duration of your surgery may vary if you add other procedures to your breast lift. In the case of a breast lift alone, the procedure takes about 2 hours.


– Do I have to be hospitalized to have a breast lift?

You do not need to be hospitalized, because at Clinimedspa, mastopexy is a day surgery. For your well-being, we proceed on an outpatient basis in our safe and comprehensive surgical suite at our clinic in Brossard. Our surgical suite meets all the safety standards required by Health Canada. After the recovery period, you can return home with the person accompanying you on the day of the surgery.


– What type of anesthesia is used for breast lift surgery?

For a breast lift, we proceed under general anesthesia. However, in rare cases, it can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation. The surgical approach will be determined in consultation with Dr. Arbour.


– What will the recovery time be following my breast lift?

If you have an office-type job, it will take 4 days to 2 weeks of recovery time before you can resume your activities.


– What are the postoperative recommendations to follow?

We recommend that you stay active and hydrate yourself well for the first 24 hours after surgery. Avoid putting any pressure on your chest to reduce the level of pain and the risk of complications. For 5 to 7 days after your operation, we recommend sleeping on your back to help the healing process. Depending on your level of comfort and ability to recover, you can gradually resume your activities 2 to 3 days after your surgery.

For a few weeks, you will also need to wear the bra provided during the surgery. It is flexible, has no internal seams and attaches at the front for added comfort. 

– Is it possible to combine other procedures with a breast lift?

It is quite possible to combine other procedures with your breast lift. Depending on your needs, the addition of breast implants, breast reduction, liposuction, or a skin tightening treatment can be combined with your breast lift. Dr. Arbour will take the time to properly assess your goals and present the options that will best suit your needs. 

– What is the ideal age to have a breast lift?

There is no ideal age to have a breast lift. If you are in good health, it will be more a question of proceeding at an ideal time for you. We strongly recommend waiting until you have finished having children.

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See your new reflection before surgery

Crisalix 3D virtual reality

During your consultation, you will be able to experience Crisalix 3D virtual reality and see the different options offered by Dr. Arbour that will meet your expectations.

Clinimedspa - Crisalix simulation 3D chirurgie esthétique numérisation via un iPad - redrapage et augmentation mammaire
First step : We digitize your figure to generate a model of your breasts to create your 3D simulation.
According to Dr. Arbour’s recommendations, we integrate the correction parameters into the simulation. From these parameters, different simulation options can be created. To get started, we will digitize your figure according to your needs. The 3D scan of your body is then saved in a personalized digital folder.
Clinimedspa - Crisalix simulation augmentation mammaire 3D sur tablette
Second step : presentation of the surgical options in a 3D simulation
We will then present to you a 3D before/after simulation superimposed on your figure to guide the surgical approach.
Clinimedspa - Crisalix partager sa simulation 3D mode mobile (redrapage et augmentation mammaire)
Third step : review and share your 3D simulation
We will then email you a link to your 3D simulation. You will be able to review and share your 3D simulation in the comfort of your home. This service allows you to get a taste of the surgical results and make an informed decision.
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