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Virtual reality at the service
of healty beauty.
Come and see your new appearance
before your surgery.

Virtual reality at the service of healty beauty.

Come and see your new appearance before your surgery.

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The use of Crisalix 3D simulation technology for breast augmentation or for any other cosmetic surgery offers patients the possibility to see the result before their operation. It also helps the patient better understand the surgical approach offered during the consultation.


Having cosmetic surgery is a very important decision in the life of a woman or a man. The entire preoperative and postoperative process can also be difficult and emotionally heavy for patients. In this perspective, the Crisalix breast augmentation simulation has the role of reassuring and supporting patients in their decision-making process.

Crisalix 3D breast augmentation simulation with bikini

—Comparison of Crisalix 3D simulations to postoperative results

Clinimedspa breast augmentation slider 02 - photo before surgery
Postoperative result vs. Crisalix 3d simulation

Clinimedspa ©

« Disclaimer: These photos are published for informational purposes only to provide information on the nature of the procedure. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.»

Postoperative result vs. Crisalix 3d simulation

Clinimedspa ©

«Disclaimer:  These photos are published for informational purposes only to provide information on the nature of the procedure. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.»

—How do Crisalix 3D simulations and 4D augmented reality viewings work?

Scan of your body and creation of the 3D simulation

During your consultation, we will perform a scan of your body, which is saved in a personalized file. This 3D model of your silhouette will allow us to create the 3D breast augmentation simulation. Next, we will enter the parameters to determine the volume and model of the breast implants, as well as the surgical approach. It is also possible to make corrections to your simulation and create different simulation options as needed.

Clinimedspa - Crisalix 3D simulation cosmetic surgery scanning via an iPad - breast lift and augmentation

See your Crisalix 3D simulation and experience 4D augmented reality

Once the volume and type of implants are incorporated into your profile, we introduce you to the 3D simulation and make some final adjustments. As soon as the simulation is completed, we then present the breast augmentation simulation in 4D augmented reality mode.

This technology developed by Crisalix allows us to overlay the 3D simulation on your body and transfer the image to a large screen in real time. Looking at the screen, you will have the impression that you are seeing your new figure as if you were standing in front of a mirror. To complete the experience, the breast augmentation simulation will conform to your body shape and follow your movements to make the simultaneous simulation even more realistic.

Clinimedspa - Crisalix - review 3D breast surgery simulation remotely

Review and share your Crisalix 3D simulation

In addition, you will receive a link to your Crisalix 3D simulation by email that you can share with your loved ones to make an informed decision in the comfort of your own home.

Clinimedspa - Crisalix share its 3D mobile mode simulation (lift and breast augmentation)
Breast augmentation simulation

Virtual Reality

—The benefits of using Crisalix 3D for breast surgery

In the context of breast surgery, 3D simulation allows us to simulate breast augmentation or lift surgery in detail, with or without breast reduction. This technology allows us to incorporate the volume, type, and model of prostheses, the surgical approach, as well as the type of incision. We can also activate the “clothing” function, which will allow us to add a bikini to your simulation, for example. Crisalix also has a 5D function, which allows us to simulate the reaction of your breasts during the usual movements of your daily life.


—What kinds of details can the Crisalix 3D simulation provide to me in preparation for my breast lift?

For a breast lift with or without volume reduction, we can now simulate the surgical approach on the patient’s silhouette. All the surgical parameters required for breast correction can be inserted into the Crisalix 3D simulation of the patient. Among other things, this technology allows us to correct asymmetry, insert the type of incision, and add implants to the simulation.


—How can the Crisalix simulation reassure me about my choice of breast implants?

Having small breasts may affect a woman’s femininity and limit her clothing choices. With breast augmentation surgery comes a great deal of worries, such as the fear of having breasts that are too large or that look fake.


During the simulation, we configure your selection of the volume and type of prostheses according to your physiognomy. We can thus offer patients an estimate that comes as close as possible to reality in order to choose the volume and type of implants. Our team will advise you, so that the volume and appearance of your breasts meet your expectations.


—Will the 3D simulation of my breast augmentation be fully representative of the final result?

Your expectations should be realistic, and you should also fully understand the limits of technology and surgery. The Crisalix 3D simulation cannot present you with a simulation that will be 100% representative of the final postoperative result. It is impossible to perfectly simulate how human tissue will react, despite all the functions at our disposal. Above all, this is a reference tool that uses patient physiognomy to provide a visual estimate of the postoperative result. The postoperative results regularly exceed expectations and are sometimes better than those obtained during the simulation.


—Why is my 3D simulation result different from that of another person who has the same implant volume?

It should be noted that each person has their own unique physiognomy, which is a little like their genetic code. Even with a prosthesis of the same size and model, the result will therefore be different from patient to patient. This is why the Crisalix 3D simulation has become an indispensable tool in the practice of cosmetic surgery. You don’t have to stop at the volume of the breast prostheses; rather, you should feel comfortable with your new appearance. The main goal of cosmetic surgery is to obtain the most natural silhouette possible according to your physiognomy.

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