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– General or local anesthesia with sedation?

Local anesthesia techniques in the medical world have evolved significantly over the years. This is due in part to the medical constraints and postoperative effects of general anesthesia. Today, there are a large number of surgeries that are performed on an outpatient basis.

This is also the case in the field of cosmetic surgery. At Clinimedspa, depending on the procedure, Dr. Arbour will suggest operating under local anesthesia with sedation. The surgical techniques used by Dr. Arbour make this option possible and very safe for the patient.

Blépharoplastie, chirurgie des paupières

– Are there any advantages to performing surgery under local anesthesia with sedation?

Performing surgery under local anesthesia with sedation has several advantages. Unlike general anesthesia, the patient is always semiconscious during the procedure.

This is possible through the use of intravenous sedation injected in combination with a painkiller, anti-nausea medication, and an anti-inflammatory. We can therefore control the patient’s pain and state of consciousness. That way, the patient will experience a relaxing and painless feeling of comfort. This state of semi-consciousness also allows the surgeon to interact with the patient throughout the operation.

We only use the anesthetic in the area of the ​​surgery to make it insensitive. This approach offers the advantage of not affecting the patient’s respiratory faculties, unlike general anesthesia. The patient breathes on their own and does not require respiratory assistance. That way, we also avoid the possible discomfort caused by the intubation required during a procedure under general anesthesia.

In addition to having a more reassuring surgical experience, this approach is also very safe and does not require hospitalization. Since an operation under sedation requires only a short awakening period, you will be able to go home more quickly with your companion.

Finally, one of the great advantages to consider is that local anesthesia with sedation also allows for a faster recovery than general anesthesia. If you have concerns about general anesthesia, therefore, Dr. Arbour will offer you the option of local anesthesia with sedation.

– What types of cosmetic surgeries offer the possibility of local anesthesia with sedation?

These days, the use of local anesthesia with sedation is commonplace in a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries. We use it for lower or upper eyelid surgery, gynecomastia treatment, liposuction, and breast augmentation.


– Do you remain fully conscious during a procedure performed under local anesthesia with sedation?

No, you will be in a very comfortable lethargic state. In many cases, you will have no memory of the procedure, as it produces a retrograde amnesia effect.


– Will I experience pain during an operation under sedation?

As we have mentioned, operating under local anesthesia with sedation allows you to avoid feeling pain as much as possible by adjusting the sedation at specific times during the surgery. Sedation also helps to optimally manage the anxiety related to the operation.


– What precautions should be taken following a procedure under sedation?

We recommend that you be accompanied when you return home and that you avoid driving for 24 hours after the procedure. In addition, you will feel less discomfort and be healthier when you leave the clinic.

You should also note that the anesthetic is still present in your body for a few hours after the procedure. You will therefore feel little discomfort in the treated area for some time after you leave. Dr. Arbour will prescribe an analgesic to ease the pain after the anesthetic has worn off. Sometimes, despite this precaution, many patients only take acetaminophen tablets to relieve their postoperative discomfort. You will also be given a list of postoperative recommendations to follow. These recommendations will help you ease your recovery period at home.

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